Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The kids are excited about the new snow that may come tomorrow and so am I although I don't think it will be the kind for building snowmen.  We can still have lots of fun in it anyway.  Today during my quiet time as I sipped my coffee I was wishing for a barbecue out on the deck.  It is so much fun eating something hot outside in the winter.  The kids are still fighting a cold and so far their Nanny hasn't received it yet.  I constantly take my liguid oregano.  It is so strong but it really works as long as you take it in the beginning.  The first sore throat or the first sniffle or at the start of a dry throat.  I want to be nice and healthy for the day we will be building a snowman because I do have hope that day will come and when it does I will get the kids to video tape me building it.  They should love that!  They are still shy around the video camera but some day they won't be.

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