Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Top Five Food Picks For A Healthy Heart

Salmon. The omega 3s in fish decrease inflammation and reduce the risk of blood clots.

Blueberries.  These powerful disease fighters offer a healthy dose of antioxidants like vitamin C to toughen your heart.

Soymilk.  It's high quality protein lowers triglyceride levels (too much of this fat causes high cholesterol which is bad news for your heart.

Olive Oil.  This unsaturated healthy fat lowers bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol.

Oatmeal.  A great source of whole grains and clock full of fibre.  Oatmeal helps fight bad cholesterol and if you want to be brave like my sister you can add a few tablespoons of liquid egg white for protein.  I can't bring myself to try it yet but apparently is is delicious!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


It has been awhile since my last post and it showed on the computer tonight as I tried getting in and had to redo it a few times but now it is fresh again and will be faster.

The kids and I love the snow but are wondering when we will get the sticky snow to build a snowman.  I can hardly wait to video tape them and take pictures as well.  I am having a lot of fun with my camera and so are the kids.  There is not a day that goes by when one of them will say, "Colleen, this will make a good picture."  It is the video camera they still are shy around although today I captured a great conversation under a snowy tree as two boys had a discussion as to who was the tallest.  I even told them that whoever can reach up to a branch and shake it will be the tallest.  They didn't even mind the snow falling.  I don't think they fully agreed on who was the tallest but they "high fived" each other after.  I guess that was a secret language to agree that they are both right eventhough one was taller than the other but I stayed out of it except for that tree branch shake.

I am still slowly getting back into my running.  I have had a few great nights and great runs.  The snow does make it easier on the joints.  It I could just find a snowman to run to!  Maybe next week.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie

I finishes my book for my book club and discoverd that I enjoyed it a lot.  Another book to add to my book list.  If anyone is starting up a book club and is stuck for a book, I highly recommend this one.  It is an excellent one for a good discussion.   I can hardly wait to discuss it tomorrow.

This week the kids are learning how to classify different animals and I am learning how to listen carefully.  Today someone told me that their sock was wet after washing their hands before lunch.  I responded that it was o.k. come quickly and eat we are all hungry.  After lunch I questioned the same child about his wet sock wondering how it got wet.  I thought his boot was leaking.  It's a wonder these kids don't look at me like I have two heads!  They are so patient with me and I am glad.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Week After Long Holidays

The first week after the long holidays is over and it was a good week.  It was fun watching the kids rediscover their Christmas toys. They had fun playing with them.  This week we concentrated on art.  All of them are fantastic painters and tool their painting very seriously.  Next week we concentrate on biology.  I think they will have fun with some experiments.  Hopefully it won't be like my rocket experiment that didn't work.  It would have been fun to video tape that one as we stood in the centre of the soccer field waiting for the rocket to launch.  The kids even sang the song, Zoom, Zoom Zoom We Are Going to the Moon hoping it would help but to no avail.  Oh well.  They still learned something - not everything will works out.

I am enjoying my book Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.  The main character is an eleven year old girl..  The book is very funny as well.  So far I think I would recommend this book. I am not really into murder mysteries but this is down played and not at all creepy.

Sure glad I postponed my 5K next weekend.  I heard it was sold out for the first time and probably due to the lack of snow we had but now there is a lot of snow.  I will be cheering for the runners.  It is still fun with the snow.  Hats off to them!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I jjoined a book club at Chapters and am currently reading a book called Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.  So far it is interesting.  Jan 11 is the next meeting and I have a lot of reading to do to finish the book.  I joined the club because it is free and I like free stuff and it makes me read books I would otherwise not pick.  I tend to stay with the authors that I know.

I am back at work after my nice long holiday and it feels good to connect with the kids again.  I practiced with my new digital camera and that is going viery well but my mini movie camera needs a little more practice.  Today I use it on the kids as they were talking while waiting for lunch and as soon as they saw the camera they went quiet and wouldn't talk.  Later I tried again while they were in deep conversation with each other and someone spoke up saying, "Guys she has it on again."  Everything went quiet.  Oh well, they willl get use to it and won't notice it after awhile.

Amazing that conversation is such a skill.  The kids are learning how to listen to each other and respond with the topic.  The biggest thing I get is "guys, you interrupted me."    When one child is finished talking and another child is talking, the previous child will think of something else to say and think that he got interrupted.  However, all the kids have come a long way with the conversation.  They know how to listen to each other and usually let everyone have a chance to talk.  Today they asked each other about their day.

Listening is something I could practice.  I can remember one day one of the girls was sitting on the kitchen floor unpacking her school backpack.  I was in a hurry scurrying around the kitchen to prepare the snacks.  This child on the floor held something up to me that she made at school and asked if I liked it.  When I responded yes, she said, "Colleen, how do you know.  You didn't even look at it."   OOOPS!  She was right so from now on I make sure that I look before responding.

I decided to withdraw from my race.  I ran yesterday and realized that since it has been awhile since I last ran a  great distance, I should start off slow.  My new goal is to join a 5 K in April.  At least by joining now  I realized that I miss running and running races.  It feels good to be back into it.  Yes, I miss the sound of the pounding on the pavement at the races and talking with other runners.  Yes, actually talking while running.  It helps the kilometers pass by quicker.  I will look forward to April and building my mileage up from now to then.,