Saturday, March 26, 2011


It's hard to believe March is almost over.  I can hardly wait for the ice to be gone.  The kids still enjoy it.
Every time we walk home from school there is a competition as to see who can fall the most.  When we take the woods home they slide down on a long patch of ice.  I tend to walk very carefully and slowly.  I had too many falls this year .  Oh to be a kid again and enjoy falling and not even get hurt!  I do enjoy listening to all the birds that are back.  I can pick out the red cardinal call - probably because it is my favorite bird.  Also I can hear the red winged blackbird, the blue jay and of course the robin.  Every morning walking to work I can hear the echoes of the woodpecker.  I absolutely love that sound.  Yes, the sounds of spring are coming back.  Yeah! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Snowman and ice

Well, we got through the week safely.  The kids love the ice but the nanny is tired of all the ice.  The good news is that we were able to build OUR FIRST SNOWMAN!  We had so much fun that we made two and copied the story of Stranger in the Woods.  We put sunflower seeds on the hat, carrot for the nose, almond nuts for the buttons and blackberries for the eyes.  Unfortunately it came crashing down in the afternoon.  But that's alright, we had fun.  One of the boys said the snowman was melting.  I told him that at least the animals will have the food on the ground so all is well.