Saturday, March 26, 2011


It's hard to believe March is almost over.  I can hardly wait for the ice to be gone.  The kids still enjoy it.
Every time we walk home from school there is a competition as to see who can fall the most.  When we take the woods home they slide down on a long patch of ice.  I tend to walk very carefully and slowly.  I had too many falls this year .  Oh to be a kid again and enjoy falling and not even get hurt!  I do enjoy listening to all the birds that are back.  I can pick out the red cardinal call - probably because it is my favorite bird.  Also I can hear the red winged blackbird, the blue jay and of course the robin.  Every morning walking to work I can hear the echoes of the woodpecker.  I absolutely love that sound.  Yes, the sounds of spring are coming back.  Yeah! 

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