Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year.  I love New Year's Eve just as much as Christmas Eve.  It seems exciting with anticipation what is in store.  I am so glad that I am starting my year off with a race and hopefully I won't make the same mistake I did when I ran my half marathon years ago.  Someone suggested that I take some time off to recuperate.  I took about 4 years off!  I don't think it will happen again.  I am looking forward to that t-shirt.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doing the math for my 5k

The way I was thinking earlier only happens before my coffee.  My 5k run on Jan 16 won't be my first but it's been a long time.  While perking my coffee I remembered the time of my previous 5k so long, long ago.  It was close to forty minutes,  As I poured boiled water over my fresh coffee grinds, I told myself since it takes me ten minutes to run up and down my street, a 5k would feel like running my street about four times!  EASY!  As I took my first sip of the hot and extra strong substance known as caffeine reality set in as I realized that street is probably a half k so my math didn't add up.

Am I discouraged? No. I'm still determined to do this in eighteen days. EIGHTEEN DAYS!  That soon?  OK, I willl be repeating Monique Webb's quote: "DO THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOUR SPIRIT SOAR."  In the past my spirit usually soared AFTER my run.  So it looks like I will have longer to wait as I finish my 5k hopefully before one hour.  That's ok, I know this can be accomplished and my reward- a nice t-shirt that will hopefully fit!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Training for 5k

Today was my second day of training for my 5 k on Jan 16.  I ran down the street, crossed over and ran back up to home.  Total running was ten minutes.  Yep! But I'm still going to be able to do this come January.  I will register for the Richmond Road race.  My motivation is the cool black t-shirt.

Introduction about my blog

Started a blog. A good idea to do in the new year.  I had a great Christmas!  Every year it simply gets better and better!  Already planning for Christmas next year.  Would like to be a Santa's helper in the evenings and on weekends.  Planning on running a  5k race in January.  Haven't been running for awhile but have the desire to get back into it.  Sure hope the weather co operates with me.