Thursday, April 7, 2011

Imaginative Nature Walk

Today we had a nature walk in the woods.  The kids had a lot of fun and their imaginations ran wild.  They were looking out for crocodiles and alligators.  A little far fetched but when they mentioned snakes it didn't take me long to freak out especially as they looked so convincing by poking under fallen trees with their sticks.   We talked about trees awhile back and it was nice to hear them share their knowledge of trees .  They remembered how to tell a young tree from an old tree.  So I forgave them about the snake.  On the way out someone saw an empty coffee cup and someone else piped up, "Hey!  It looks like Colleen has been here!"  They all want to go back tomorrow.  Maybe we will see lions and bears.  I better remember to bring the camera tomorrow .  Maybe I will get some good shots of them feeding the lions and bears and we will make it in the National Geographic  or on the news - world wide !  The possibilities are endless especially with a good dose of imagination.