Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Week After Long Holidays

The first week after the long holidays is over and it was a good week.  It was fun watching the kids rediscover their Christmas toys. They had fun playing with them.  This week we concentrated on art.  All of them are fantastic painters and tool their painting very seriously.  Next week we concentrate on biology.  I think they will have fun with some experiments.  Hopefully it won't be like my rocket experiment that didn't work.  It would have been fun to video tape that one as we stood in the centre of the soccer field waiting for the rocket to launch.  The kids even sang the song, Zoom, Zoom Zoom We Are Going to the Moon hoping it would help but to no avail.  Oh well.  They still learned something - not everything will works out.

I am enjoying my book Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.  The main character is an eleven year old girl..  The book is very funny as well.  So far I think I would recommend this book. I am not really into murder mysteries but this is down played and not at all creepy.

Sure glad I postponed my 5K next weekend.  I heard it was sold out for the first time and probably due to the lack of snow we had but now there is a lot of snow.  I will be cheering for the runners.  It is still fun with the snow.  Hats off to them!


  1. Colleen, I love your blog! I'm happy to hear that you're running again. I can't wait to run with you, but you're much braver than me--it's too cold outside for me yet!

  2. Actually, the race is not sold out yet but is filling up in case anybody else decides to run it!