Thursday, March 1, 2012


How much sleep is enough?  That is an important question because lack of sleep affects one's health.  Quality of sleep is what we need to have to feel refreshed.  Some people need six hours, some people feel refreshed at 8 hours of sleep while some people need nine hours to feel refreshed..  If you are deprived os sleep it is the equalivant of having a glass of wine, your cognitive thinking is off and response is a little off.

There are some foods that are better left for the end of the day so as to prepare your body for sleep.  You don't want to eat sausages or pork or steak or any other heavy meat at night. Some foods for the night are chicken, greens, brown rice, cheeries, plain popcorn bananas and edamames. 

It is better to save the heavy meats for lunches and of course, my favorite, COFFEE is best for morning and afternoon.

These are just some interesting facts that I came across .  Sweet dreams!

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